About me

One of the most important conditions necessary for carrying out repair and construction work at any facility is the use of building materials of proper quality. On the one hand, it is not difficult to solve this problem at present: you can buy building materials in many specialized stores or on the market. However, upon closer examination, we understand that buying everything you need is not so easy as it seems at first glance: either the quality of the product is low, the assortment is small, or the prices are sky-high.

What can we offer

What building materials are we glad to offer our buyer? These are general construction, finishing, lumber, dry mixes, paints and varnishes, electrical goods, various floor coverings, pumps, construction chemicals. And also everything for heat and noise insulation, doors and plumbing, the necessary material for the roof, professional tools, and much more. Here you will see a truly huge selection of products for most construction work, exterior and interior decoration of buildings and structures. We offer our customers various options for all building materials used for the installation of thermal insulation systems and all kinds of surface preparation work.

Our online store of electronics and technology offers you a wide range of modern devices and gadgets, which is regularly updated with the latest innovations. You can buy the newest solutions that have just appeared on the market, officially with a manufacturer’s warranty. We cooperate with many well-known manufacturers of equipment, directly without intermediaries. Therefore, in addition to hot offers, we also offer our customers the most relevant and competitive prices, which will pleasantly surprise and delight!