LED Lighting

LED strips have appeared in our everyday life relatively recently. It is a flexible tape on which LEDs are attached, connected by pins. Now they are very popular in the lighting equipment market, they can be used to decorate the interior, use in advertising, decorate rooms and furniture. In addition, LED strips are energy-efficient light sources. It is very practical and convenient to use LED strips in damp and humid rooms, they can be cut into the lengths you need, which is especially important for the implementation of certain design ideas. This tape is widely used in the illumination of buildings and facades, swimming pools, creation of luminous signs, highlighting the names of shopping and entertainment establishments.

LED strips are monochrome, that is, strips that glow in one color and are universal – the color of the section, which can be changed either with the help of remote lighting or possibly even change the color of the section at a speed you specify.

The width of the LED strip is up to 2 centimeters. The dielectric material from which it is made is equipped with conductive paths, LEDs, resistors, and controls. The tape is packaged in bobbins up to 5 meters long and is due to ensure the uniformity of the section of this segment during its further installation. When using a parallel circuit for switching on individual modules in the manufacture of an LED strip, you can cut it to any length you need. To do this, the cutting markings are indicated on the tape, and on the module, on both sides, there are contact pads for connecting the wire.

A special transparent varnish is applied to the front side of the LED strip for protection. Thanks to double-sided tape, it can be glued to any smooth surface – drywall, metal, glass, wood.

LED strips are produced with certain degrees of protection, the time that is guaranteed for them is from 30,000 to 50,000 hours. The tape itself has an advantage over another lighting, it uses a small amount of electricity, and the brightness from its lighting is many times better. Experiments show that a conventional incandescent lamp uses more lighting than an LED strip up to 10 meters long. Therefore, the employees of our company recommend using it as the main, and not a decorative source of lighting. For convenience, we also advise you to purchase controllers of LED strips, which are loaded with programs that adjust the strip to various operating modes.

LED strips offered by us are an effective, economical and reliable way to illuminate your premises, they have a long service life. A distinctive feature of the tape is its wide illumination angle from 100 to 140 degrees, and it also does not heat up during operation.