Construction Chemicals

Construction chemistry is a category of compounds that are used in conjunction with basic materials in the process of construction and repair work. This includes various impregnating materials, adhesives, primers, binders, sealants, waterproofing, etc. High-quality construction chemicals are used to improve the quality and performance of the main building materials, to reduce construction time, and also in case of work under adverse weather conditions.

All building chemistry is classified into several important groups:


Сompounds that allow you to fix finishing materials on a horizontal or vertical surface. To make the effect durable and reliable, adhesives are used for various types of materials (wood, plastic, wallpaper, tiles, linoleum, stone, etc.).


Used for preparatory work on applying the finishing layer of the finish on the walls, floor, ceiling. It is used before puttying, painting, pasting. The peculiarity of primers is that they reduce the absorbency of finishing materials, as a result of which the latter serves for a long time and does not require repair. Sealants have a unique composition that eliminates the appearance of fungus, mold, and the development of pathogenic microflora.


Created based on rubber and polymers. It is used to seal cracks, voids, crevices, as well as in the process of installing window and door structures. Practical and easy-to-use compositions prevent the accumulation of moisture. One of the most effective waterproofing materials is polyurethane waterproofing.


Are chemical compounds that are included in cement mortars. It is plasticizers that make the base material flexible, frost-resistant, moisture-resistant, slow down the process of concrete setting, etc.

All products meet the specified quality and reliability standards. They are used in large-scale construction and on small sites. The product is safe, convenient, and easy to work with. The popularity of products is due to their qualities and characteristics. They allow:

  • Significantly reduce the time spent on construction, repair, finishing work.
  • Reduce the consumption of the main material.
  • Provide an excellent level of thermal insulation and waterproofing (in the case of using sealants).

Products improve the quality of the main materials, allowing you to get an excellent result from work.