Sanitary Equipment

It is difficult to imagine a modern living space without such an important and irreplaceable element as plumbing. She is responsible not only for comfortable living but also plays an important role in organizing the interior of your home. That is why the choice of plumbing fixtures should be taken as responsibly as possible.

Nowadays, the leading position in the choice of plumbing is its design. The main characteristics that modern plumbing should have in a visual sense are simplicity of design, shine, and minimalism. They are now in trend with leading manufacturers.

What is good about modern plumbing


In our time with you, there is a huge selection of sanitary ware, which you can buy based on your preferences for the manufacturer, color, shape, material, and many other factors.

Price range

Nowadays it is not necessary to spend a huge amount of money on the purchase of high-quality bathroom or kitchen fixtures. Many producers of middle status make decent products at a reasonable price, which is affordable for most of the inhabitants of our country. Moreover, such devices will last for decades, while maintaining their original attractiveness and functionality.

Online purchase option

The usual offline plumbing store in our time fades into the background. This is because it is more convenient and profitable for the consumer to buy goods in the online plumbing store, which will save significant time, allow you to view the entire model range, will not rush to make a decision, and will also offer a more favorable price.

The sanitary ware that our store provides to its customers at the lowest possible price is distinguished by such qualities as reliability, strength, durability, and attractiveness. Our online plumbing store has a wide catalog of products, which is updated daily with new items.

We recommend that you carefully read the category "Plumbing" and the subcategories that fill it:


Everything that plumbing for the bathroom and toilet room, a kitchen cannot do without. Special sewer pipes and fittings, manholes for pit sewers, siphons, corrugations, ladders and much more can be bought in bulk at the most optimal cost;

Fasteners and plumbing accessories

In this section, visitors to our online plumbing store will be able to buy the appropriate accessories and necessary fasteners for the installation of pipes and other elements;

Furniture for bathroom and kitchen

Neat laundry baskets, hanging cabinets and cabinets, washbasins and sinks, sinks, mirrors, special fittings, and much more - not every wholesale online plumbing store can offer such a choice as in Golden Dream;


We recommend that you look into this subcategory for those who want to equip the heating of the room with high quality since it offers radiators, heated towel rails for the bathroom, circulation pumps, and the necessary components;


If you decide to buy plumbing fixtures, you cannot do without reliable watering cans, mixers and accessories;

Pipes, fittings, taps

This plumbing equipment is an integral element in the arrangement of bathrooms, you will certainly need to buy pipes, taps, fittings, insulation, and other accessories;

Toilet bowls, barrels, fittings

It offers a wide variety of toilets and seats, toilet brushes and paper holders, cisterns and accessories;

Hoses, filters, meters

The goods presented in this section (meters, filters, hoses, pressure gauges) will certainly be needed when carrying out the water supply and gas supply.

Of course, buying plumbing fixtures wholesale or retail on your own and accessories for it is a rather difficult task, since you need to be well versed in the intricacies of the system’s functioning. Accordingly, in case of complications when ordering goods, we recommend that you consult with our managers. We will help you not only to correctly select the necessary plumbing components but also to place an order without missing important details.