Buyers, despite the variety of modern man-made materials, traditionally prefer wood products that never go out of style.

In modern furniture production, various types of natural wood are used. Budget furniture options will be products made from spruce, pine, ash, birch. Furniture made of walnut, beech, oak belongs to the category of expensive. For the manufacture of elite models, they use ebony or mahogany, rosewood. Each of the types of wood has its natural texture that is never repeated.

According to the type of wood, all types of trees are divided into soft and hard. Soft breeds include chestnut, fir, juniper, pine, willow. Maple, birch, larch, oak, beech, elm, and others are hard. Each of the groups has its advantages. Hard rocks are characterized by a longer service life and greater strength. Softwoods lend themselves well to processing – ideal for the embodiment of a variety of design solutions.

One of the most valuable species widely used in production is oak – this tree has increased strength and strong energy. Pine and spruce furniture is distinguished by its pleasant smell and soft texture. For children’s furniture, beech is often used well bending and amenable to processing.

The undoubted advantages of wood furniture include:

hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly

Has a positive effect on the well-being and mood of the owners;


The service life is calculated in decades;


To mechanical damage, which is provided by the high density of wood;


Allows you to easily replace broken fittings without damage to the array;

aesthetic appeal.

Many people mistakenly believe that there is a place for wooden furniture only in an interior created in a classic style. However, designers are happy to use the possibilities of natural material in the following styles:


The array fits especially well into the design, where rough shapes and a minimum of processing are appropriate.


Lightness and smoothness of lines, natural light tones are characteristic.


Wooden furniture goes well with checkered patterns, painted dishes, and cute furnishings.


Wood gets along well with glass.

Designers who know how to combine retro and vintage elements with modern trends will surely find a place for this natural, environmentally friendly material in the interior.