The modern market of the construction industry offers consumers a wide range of new generation film products, which operate with the aim of 100% and long-term protection of the entire roof structure from negative external or internal factors. Among the materials of this category, roofing membranes are especially popular today. They also have an additional name such as “breathable” film media.

Their main advantage is versatility. That is, on the one hand, film products of this type are able to perfectly protect the entire roof area from unwanted ingress of water and moisture. In parallel with this task, high-quality roofing membranes can perfectly transmit steam formations from the inside of a private home to the outside.

Interestingly, the ability to freely pass water vapor and fresh air flow through its structure is realized through the presence of a special microstructure that takes into account the presence of thin fibrous components of synthetic origin.

The high demand for this film product is explained by a considerable list of positive operational and technological advantages. Our company recommends to developers products of this modification, which have the following advantages:


The long-term effective operation, which traditionally ranges from fifty years or more;


Fast and trouble-free installation, which is achieved thanks to the modernized and strong structure of state-of-the-art roofing film products;


No restrictions on the implementation of related installation work - for example, easy installation of roofing membranes allow you to qualitatively and reliably implement the necessary waterproofing work related to the protection of the roof plane from the negative effects of precipitation;


Excellent level of resistance to excessively low temperatures - state-of-the-art roofing membranes are characterized by improved frost-resistant parameters; reliable fire resistance;


Good resistance of new generation film products to possible negative climatic factors, in particular to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation;


The minimum level of load on the load-bearing structural elements of private living space - modernized roofing membranes are lightweight and elastic structures. This moment greatly affects the further productive functioning of both the film and the entire roof structure;


A wide range of product sizes - traditionally the parameter of the length of the membrane film reaches the mark of up to 60 meters. Instead, the width can range from 0.9 to 15 meters. Thus, a wide range of membrane fabric parameters allows you to select the most optimal film size without the need for unnecessary steps such as cutting the product. So in the end there is a great opportunity to get a roofing plane with the same type and solid coating, which will provide a minimum number of seams and excellent waterproofing capabilities;


Excellent aesthetic properties of the product.

An important point. Acquisition and installation of new generation roofing membranes become especially important when there is a need to convert the upper part of a private house in the form of a former cold attic warehouse into a comfortable, cozy, and insulated attic room.