Metal is one of the most demanded materials that have been used since ancient times. The metal gained its fame thanks to its characteristic properties: high thermal and electrical conductivity, plasticity, etc. Today, it is not difficult to buy rolled metal products, but it is necessary to clearly understand for what purposes it is purchased.

In the Golden Dream online store, you can buy rolled metal products with different types of delivery, suitable for any construction or finishing purposes.

Rolled metal takes one of the leading positions among the materials used in the construction industry – residential, industrial, administrative, and road construction. In various fields, all kinds of metals are used, depending on the need that needs to be obtained at the final stage of production. Structures and elements made of ferrous metals (steel, cast iron, iron, manganese, chromium, and their alloys) are an irreplaceable part of the production process in construction, as well as in the manufacture of reinforced concrete structures and bridges. Rolled metal combines a long service life and high strength, therefore it is widely used in the construction of construction projects for all kinds of purposes, including monolithic houses.

There is a special demand to buy rolled metal of the following types:


The most important component of monolithic reinforced concrete. It is used for the creation of reinforced concrete structures, the manufacture of metal structures, as well as for concrete walls, partitions, and other construction work.

Wire, metal mesh

It is used in construction, agriculture, and the creation of various fences.

Tubular rolled metal products

The list includes pipes of various shapes and sizes; they can be cold or heat deformed, thin or thick-walled.

Varietal products

This includes all sorts of small parts and details - hexagons, wire rods, and others.

Sheet metal

Can be galvanized, steel. It is sold in sheets or rolls.

Any of the materials have pros and cons, therefore, rolled metal is required strictly for a specific job or task.